Florida Bar Essay Predictions February 2018

Florida Bar Essay Predictions February 2018

Will the February 2018 Florida Bar Exam return us to normalcy? This blog post will give you my Florida Bar Essay Predictions for the February 2018 Exam. Remember the good old days, when mainstream doctrinal subjects pervaded the Florida Bar Exam? You remember studying for a majority of your FL Bar essay prep the contracts essays, property essays, torts essays, etc.? And then what happened? The Bar examiners threw you a curve ball by testing two standalone topics that had rarely been essay topics before. The July 2017 Florida Bar Exam tested juvenile dependency/adoption, Florida Con law, and everyone’s all-time favorite, UCC Articles 3 and 9 together forever. Talk about a curve-buster!

Often, the Florida Bar Exam includes essay topics that are new or are under development as I call it. This means that you can no longer rely on traditions, patterns, or predictions. Do not rely on your laurels from law school classes. The essays are a lot like the MBE questions. You can study the old questions all day long, but there is no guarantee they will prepare you for questions you have never seen before and may never have studied the information needed to properly answer them.

With all of that being written, it is time to unveil my Florida Bar Essay Predictions for February 2018. If the Florida Bar essays were based on contracts, family law, and con law, it is likely the February 2018 Bar Exam will cover criminal law and criminal procedure, property, and torts. Hey wait a minute, am I just speculating by providing you with mere conjecture? My speculation cannot possibly be less accurate than your commercial Bar prep classes, can it?

In all seriousness, the February 2018 Florida Bar essays will likely cover topics not tested last July. Although nobody can predict the results this early, it would be difficult to imagine there being two full essays concerning topics rarely tested. Instead, it is more probably, no promises Ks lovers, that the February 2018 Florida Bar Essays will delve deeper into traditional topics (although criminal law is rather new to the FL Bar) to test your knowledge of burgeoning subjects. Do not neglect broadening your knowledge of the primary topics most frequently tested.

Ultimately, my Florida Bar Essay Predictions for the February 2018 Florida Bar Exam are not ironclad, they are merely predictions based on intuition and experience. Worry not my pupils, I shall do my level best to prepare you for as many contingencies as possible. A broad-spectrum approach is our approach.

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4 thoughts on “Florida Bar Essay Predictions February 2018”

  1. It ended to being, as you may have heard:
    Q1: criminal law/criminal procedure/juvenile delinquency
    Q2: Constitutional law
    Q3: property and homestead

    1. Thanks Cameron. They went to the classics, though I was surprised they included Con Law for a second time in a row. That may have been the biggest surprise. I made my students write Homestead templates a dozen times!

  2. I think the bar examiners are reading these blogs, because lately whenever people say “They won’t test that subject again, back to back”, they test the subject again, back to back. I could be paranoid, though. I test my students in each subject, very difficult tests, and they must pass in order to move on to the next subject in my course. It isn’t fool- proof, though. The testing is mostly on the honor system. I email them an original test, and they are supposed to email it back in an hour. I’ve had students copy and paste blog posts from local attorney’s websites as their answers… Cheating on your bar prep exam..? Not exactly getting off to a great start. 😜

    1. Attorney Ford, I truly appreciate that feedback. I try to compel my students to perform rigorous simulative testing exercises, however, I am somewhat more sarcastic and also gentle in my criticisms. I would love to hear more about your teaching!

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