Florida Bar Essay Topics July 2018 and Puerto Rico

Florida Bar Essay Topics July 2018 and Puerto Rico

Generally speaking, immigration law is not tested on the Florida Bar Exam essays or on the Multistate Bar Exam. Nevertheless, Floridians have huge hearts and understand how to lend a helping hand. Recent Hurricanes, including Irma and Jose, ravaged Puerto Rico, Cuba, and the surrounding islands. Consequently, not only is the United States federal government assisting victims, so too is the beneficent neighbor, the State of Florida. Governor Rick Scott, among others, has offered the olive branch to Puerto Rican/U.S. citizens that have been impacted by the natural disasters. Floridians are opening their homes to those displaced from several areas, and fortunately, many refugees rely on family that live in the U.S. during these trying times. Thus I say, where better to look for  perfect Florida Bar essay topics July 2018 than to Puerto Rico and disaster relief bills in the Florida and Federal Constitutional law sector?! Florida Con law essays seem to be ever popular with the Bar Examiners. Who are we and what services do we offer?

Electricity has yet to be restored to a majority of the Island, and the infrastructure may take years to rebuild, replace, or modify so as to be restored to proper function. Clearly, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and local officials must consider how best to prepare the Island for future storms of high magnitude (Category 2 hurricanes and above). What in the world does this have to do with writing Florida Bar Essays???

Florida Bar Essay Topics July 2018, Florida Con Law Essays

Thinking like a law student, or a Bar Examiner, what issues do you think may arise from destruction that occurred in Puerto Rico? It is unlikely that immigration law will be tested on the Florida Bar Essay Exam section. What then might the examiners choose to derive from recent events? As my mind swirls from the recent 2018 Florida Bar Essay Exam, I continue to believe that Florida Bar essay topics will include con law in some meaningful way, even if the subject has been twice tested in back-to-back years.

How about a piece of legislation that will grant housing, aid, and miscellaneous relief to displaced citizens of Puerto Rico? On the July 2017 Florida Bar Exam there was a constitutional law essay regarding legislation that involved the Florida Sunshine Law, the Fourth Amendment, and a host of legal issues. There was a constitutional law essay on the February 2018 Florida Bar Essay Exam. Perhaps there will be a twist added that will compensate for redundancy and address the consequences of the hurricanes. This is where our minds should go in order to be flexible and open-minded to the nuances of Bar essay exam writing. Perhaps even a breach of contract essay that intersects with Florida Con Law?

Real Property Essay? Florida Con Law Essay?

Alternatively, among the Florida Bar essay topics July 2018 there could be a real property essay (with wills, trusts, and dependency mixed in) on the Florida Bar Exam resulting from the familial relationships between displaced Puerto Ricans (or any other country, state, or nation) and their family members. Family relationships often bring about many quarrels and the ensuing uncertainty of inheritances, property distribution, and the like.This is to remind you that the Florida Bar Essay Exam is often loaded with exciting and cutting edge legal issues. If you consider recent trends, watch the local news, and care about your community, it is possible you will train your burgeoning legal mind(s) to anticipate issues you may be tested on. This is not an exact science, but it can be a fun process if you love the law. Contact us when you are ready. Happy writing, happy brainstorming!

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