Florida Bar Exam Preparation Courses

Florida Bar Exam Preparation Courses

From day one, law school students will be inundated with a variety of information about and offers from Florida Bar Exam preparation courses. Some people naturally gravitate toward Themis Bar Review, others have an inclination toward Barbri, while a significant number of students prefer Kaplan. Every Florida Bar Exam preparation course is different and unique. Based on my own observations, Kaplan has ambiguous questions and difficult-to-follow outlines but it is priced to sell for the post law school student that prefers not to continue amassing debt. Themis Bar Review has a reputation for offering (in addition to their MBE and Florida law review sessions) more opportunities than any other service to write practice Florida Bar Essays that will be graded by experts. Moreover, Themis offers shorter and more focused videos. Barbri meanwhile has a sterling reputation as the gold standard of commercial Bar review courses. Barbri has however been criticized for its bloated/massive outlines that throw in the kitchen sink at reviewers. Sometimes less is more. Nevertheless, Barbri offers students a sensational structure for bar review, and covers nearly all topics required to pass the Florida Bar Exam. This begs the question, “what else can I do to pass the Bar?”

Private Florida Bar Tutor

If you are looking for help beyond the commercial Florida Bar Exam preparation courses, you should consider hiring a private tutor. Private tutors can help you with all subjects on the Florida Bar, as well as all topics on the MBE. Tutoring can be broad-spectrum (all-encompassing), or tailored to your individual needs. Hiring a Florida Bar Exam tutor should be in addition to taking a Florida Bar Exam preparation course. Time management is essential, but all bets are off if a student finds herself struggling mightily with a subject or two. It seems difficult to move on and remove the stigma of an initial lack of success when the Florida Bar Exam is so competitive and rigorous. This is the perfect moment to recognize that not everyone has to succeed by herself. In fact, a private Florida Bar tutor can make a huge difference. The next time you are wondering whether a commercial Florida Bar Exam preparation course is enough on its own, think about what you may be missing. Once you have done some soul-searching, reach out to us and we will start helping you pass the Florida Bar Exam as soon as today.

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