Florida Bar Exam Study Guide

Florida Bar Exam Study Guide

The Florida Bar Examiners provide Florida Bar essays dating back to August of 2004. This begs the question, “How many practice essays do I need to write to pass the Florida Bar Exam?” I am glad you asked, but unhappy that I do not have a definitive answer for you because there is no one guaranteed-to-succeed Florida Bar Exam study guide. There is however, a comparison to be made between the conventional wisdom that students who have completed more than 2,500 MBE questions are likelier to pass the Florida Bar Exam than those that have practiced answering a smaller number. The comparison is that students who have written fewer than 20 Florida Bar practice essays are less likely to pass the Bar Exam than those who have completed a significantly higher number.

Think about it, if you have written 35 Florida Bar practice essays, would you feel more knowledgeable and confident when taking the Florida Bar Exam than if you have only written 5-10 essays? Writing essays is about building confidence, learning to express one’s knowledge of Florida law, and developing a blueprint for style and structure. Spending time correcting spelling, grammatical mistakes, creating a general structure, outline, etc., will ultimately help students become fluent in timed essay writing.

In the absence of timed practice, and simulations of real test-taking sessions, the gravity of writing three full-length Florida Bar essays on topics that change on a semi-annual basis, can lead to anxiety and panic and a host of other problems. One way to resolve those issues of shock and awe on test day is to practice consistently writing Florida Bar essays on a daily, or at a bare minimum, on a weekly basis. I even go so far as to recommend writing weekly practice essays beginning in the second semester of one’s 3/4L year.

Can I offer you advice on making your own Florida Bar Exam study guide? I can again assert that every student should write a minimum of 20 practice essays, and as many as 40 practice essays. This is not a process of merely outlining and moving on. That will not give you the full experience of translating your legal reasoning to paper in expressive terms. Instead, I am recommending 20-40 full-length Florida Bar practice essays. How you choose to budget your time is your own business, though I would be willing to help you arrange a suitable schedule if you ever need a second pair of bespectacled eyes. Writing more than 40 full-length essays may be too time-consuming, and 40 is a significant number of practice essays. To reiterate, the FL Bar Examiners offer a Florida Bar Exam study guide dating back to August 2004, but choosing the 20-40 practice essays to write is another challenge altogether.

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