Florida Bar Results July 2017 and Swearing In Ceremonies

Swearing In Ceremony

Florida Bar Results July 2017 and Swearing In Ceremonies

We are just days away from the release of the Florida Bar Results July 2017! Many friends and colleagues have asked me what to do next. What they mean by that is the Florida Bar Results July 2017 come out on Monday September 18, and they do not know what to do if they passed. Many law schools have swearing in ceremonies for which you only need to RSVP, dress up, and show up in order to be officially sworn in. There is an affidavit and notarization process, but it is not a problem when you are this happy and delirious over officially entering the legal profession.

Private Swearing In Ceremonies

Another friend asked what to do is she wants to be privately sworn in by the judge for whom she clerked. This friend is as brilliant a legal mind as has ever entered the profession. I told her she should check the Florida Bar website for swearing in instructions, forms, documents, policies, procedures, etc. Like all other Bar documents for law students, the swearing in ceremony and the accompanying documents may seem tricky or unfamiliar. She has the right idea. If you have become close with a colleague whom you admire, consider giving them the honor of swearing you in. Likely, a judge will be your best resource. Nevertheless, you are all lawyers now and can read and research anything. I mean this in a self-sufficient law way, go figure it out and you will be happiest having applied your own skills toward resolving your issue(s).

Didn’t Pass the Florida Bar Exam

Meanwhile, if you check the Florida Bar Results July 2017 and find out that you did not pass the Florida Bar Exam this time around, do not despair. Begin your search for legal employment during this interim. Unfortunately, this will mean yet another internship-type situation, but it is essential to sharpen your legal skills, keep earning an income, growing your resume, and finding the time to begin the study process all over again with renewed intelligence and vigor. If you need tutoring, I am confident you know where to find us!

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