Florida Bar Tutor

Florida Bar Tutor

What does a Florida Bar Tutor do? This is inside baseball folks, so please keep this confidential! She researches, synthesizes, debates, discusses, writes, writes some more, proofreads, revises, and predicts. This is of course a non-exhaustive list, but it is a beginner’s look into the process. The Florida Bar Examiners provide a list of potential topics that will appear on the Bar Exam. In part, our job is to theorize which topics are likely to be tested, and if so, expand on those subjects and issues that may be weaved into the essays.

Equally as important is staying abreast of Florida law and trends in the Florida courts. The Bar Examiners have a tendency to craft Florida Bar essays based on hot button topics that are impacting the State and its voters. Nursing homes continue to face lawsuits sounding in tort, there is a perpetual discussion about taxpayer funding for stadiums, and a whole host of other issues and topics we will discuss during tutoring sessions.

Have you ever heard of focus groups? Focus groups and think tanks test the zeitgeists, sample the waters, keep their fingers on the pulses of the atmosphere(s). Point being, a Florida Bar Tutor must have forethought based on experience in choosing the best topics to teach to her students, and which issues and laws to emphasize. There is no absolute way to predict the Florida Bar essays, and we have stated repeatedly that your approach should be an all of the above approach, but if the July 2017 Florida Bar Exam is any indication, the essays are increasingly less predictable.

Florida Bar Essay Predictions

Is it the job of your Florida Bar tutor to predict the next series of essays that will appear on the Florida Bar Exam? It is his/her job to prepare you as well as possible for all possible contingencies. This involves sweat and tears. You must be willing to take criticism because the Florida Bar is not about how wonderful your flourishes of prose are. It is not about how well you wrote an essay on your 1L law school exam. A Florida Bar tutor is ready to tailor your writing to ensure it is organized, mechanical, on point, targeted, well-written, well-reasoned, and the list goes on. This is a process. Improving one’s legal writing takes time. The Bar Examiners want you to write like a lawyer, not an essayist. Match the facts to the law. First, you must know the law. Much can be intuited from the facts provided, but an imperfect match of the law and the facts results in lower scores.

If the question is what can your Florida Bar tutor do for you, the answer is as much as you will allow them to, based on how willing you are to transform your legal writing and how prepared you are ready to be to succeed. Be flexible and also stick to your strengths. Adapt and succeed.

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