July 2017 Florida Bar Results Released

Passed the Bar

Excited to find out your July 2017 Florida Bar Results?

Nearly 4,000 test-takers, both first-time Bar Exam students and repeat Florida Bar Exam test-takers are about to be dancing and celebrating or full of mountains of melancholy. Here are two things to do immediately if you succeeded (relatively speaking), as well as two suggestions for how to proceed in the event that you need to retake the test.

I Have My July 2017 Florida Bar Results and I Passed, Now What?

  1. If you passed the Florida Bar Exam please start or perfect your resume. Update your status wherever posted/published online. Update your resume to reflect your progress/success in your personal files. Over 90% of law jobs require a license, so make it absolutely clear that you are licensed and ready to begin working now.
  2. Your July 2017 Florida Bar results should be ready by next Monday September 18, barring any setbacks on account of Hurricane Irma. Now is the time to begin looking for jobs in your preferred legal field. If you have your heart set on practicing a specific type of law, your search may last longer and need to consider other geographic venues.

Need to Re-take the Florida Bar Exam?

  1. You may need a Florida Bar Exam tutor. If your weakness is Florida Bar essays, please consider us as a resource for you during this journey to starting your legal career. We will gladly tutor you to pass the Florida Bar essays at a reasonable cost.
  2. Assess where you went wrong. No two Bar Exams are identical, but realizing why you did not reach your goal is the launching point for how to prepare better and possibly with a different routine and focus.

If you have passed the July 2017 Florida Bar Exam, our most heartfelt congratulations. If you need to re-take the test do not despair, use your newfound experience and wisdom to make this next test your last!

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