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Five Reasons Why LinkedIn is Amazing for Legal Professionals

Is LinkedIn just another Facebook or Twitter for legal professionals? LinkedIn does not operate under the premise of being a social site for casual perusers and daily social media updaters. LinkedIn serves a much different purpose and has carved out a niche for itself among career-minded professionals. LinkedIn is a great place to start for law graduates, as well as for rookie paralegals. LinkedIn for legal professionals also is terrific for networking and referrals, but more on that in a future article. For now, let’s stay focused on what LinkedIn can do for law graduates and how to best use LinkedIn to begin building your professional legal canvas.

First, DO NOT feel embarrassed or daunted if you have never signed up for a LinkedIn account. We all start somewhere before we expand and mature. LinkedIn is not new, but if you are new to LinkedIn, start from scratch. Begin building your brand.

Second, do not request random people as your LinkedIn connections. Look for your friends and current and former colleagues as they also use LinkedIn as legal professionals. They will be your guidepost for how to organize your LinkedIn profile, and for how to go about making the most of career and professional networking.

Third, add your closest connections, i.e. people you have known for a long time. They are the professionals that will provide you with endorsements and additional contacts to consider adding for the betterment and enhancement of your LinkedIn profile and appearance. It is not so much important how many connections you have at first, rather the quality of your connections is first and foremost your primary goal.

Fourth, LinkedIn for legal professionals is designed to allow you greater exposure in the legal field. Colleagues can quickly assess your qualifications and achievements. This may lead to future referrals, a job offer for a higher salary, or even getting your foot in the door. LinkedIn is a trusted site and one that is built for career-minded professionals to leverage their achievements and connections into reputation enhancements and jobs.

Fifth, LinkedIn for legal professionals is arguable the centerpiece of your burgeoning career puzzle. Facebook is fine, but it is mostly for friends and family. Twitter is social media run amok, though it contributes to SEO scores (trust me, if you are not into programming you might not need or want to know!). LinkedIn is like Grand Central Station for meeting new professionals, staying in contact with your fellow alumni, and building your reputation and rapport among your current and future colleagues. There are few downsides to joining and making a statement that says you are here and ready work.


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