Florida Bar Essay Writing

Florida Bar Essay Writing

I am not making this declaration up; some people love Florida Bar essay writing. For me, writing is a pastime that allows me to express my innermost thoughts, impressions, and opinions about any topic. Throughout law school, and while studying for the Florida Bar Exam, my writing mechanics, organization, and overall clarity improved. Instead of writing flourishing English and historical prose, I began to concisely match the law to the facts with exactitude.

On the opposite extreme of the spectrum, some people feel like throwing up at the prospect of having to write a legal treatise (upper level writing requirement of law review article) for/as preparation for Florida Bar essay writing. These people often feel nervous, embarrassed about the content of their authorings (a new word that I just coined, deal with it!), and weary of showing anyone the fruits of their hours of grueling research.

Somewhere in the middle is where 75% or so (just a rough estimate based on experience) fall on the writing v. would rather have a blood test continuum. Most students do not mind writing, and are able to muscle through dry spells or brief moments of panic when it is exam or research paper time. They complain, they grumble, they tell everyone on Facebook how horrible life is, but ultimately, they have no serious inhibitions and can write well enough to be moderately successful. Florida Bar essay writing is tough.

Hate Florida Bar Essay Writing?

Most of my students are likely toward the “I would rather skydive than write an essay” category. That is perfectly fine. I would probably never meet you and help to enhance your abilities and ideally improve your academic lives if you love to write. Part of my belief as a Florida Bar essay tutor is that I can bring out your best. I can harness your chi as the Iron Fist would say (I could have inserted an Elementary, Sherlock, or Game of Thrones reference instead, take your metaphorical pick) by compelling you to write. Even the weakest writers can learn to mechanically structure and apply their knowledge. In fact, avoiding overly-descriptive and bloated sentences in writing Florida Bar essays can work to your advantage.

For everything else, there is MasterCard. For those of you that are fairly confident you can write Florida Bar essays adequately, perhaps what you need is guided practice. Maybe you have the skills, but not the wherewithal to force yourselves to write practice essays. I can help you. I will even write an essay alongside you just to show you how much I am devoted to your success. Just remember, that no matter where you are on my continuum of bar essay writing, or writing in general, there is always room for growth. You should be proud of yourselves for caring so much. After all, this is your entire future, might as well take the bull by the horns.

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