How to Pass the Florida Bar Exam

How to Pass the Florida Bar Exam

Pass the secret sauce please (it’s not Heinz or Hellman’s or even Thousand Island). This blog entry is about how to pass the Florida Bar Exam. Before commencing with my advice, I offer a hundred and one disclaimers because the ultimate responsibility for passing the Florida Bar Exam belongs to you, the test taker. Here is my five-step process for how to pass the Florida Bar Exam.

  1. Begin studying months before commercial Bar prep begins. Commercial Bar prep is a whirlwind engagement filled with harsh deadlines and moments of total panic (if you can find time to panic!). If you can find a way to devote time to practicing old MBE multiple choice questions get started today. You do not have to possess maximum Florida Bar knowledge of the law in order to begin discovering the methodologies, formats, twists and turns the Bar examiners often employ.
  2. Write more than 20 essays. Practice makes perfect, or as close to perfection as an individual test-taker can muster. This requires energy, devotion and fortitude.
  3. Be prepared to fail. Be ready to pick yourself up off the floor and feel like an idiot or a failure. If this has never happened to you, thank goodness. But if you are more like me, and have encountered moments of despondency mere moments apart from feeling like the foremost genius of the law, then you must have an iron constitution (not capitalized). This test is not for those that cannot tolerate stress and mental gymnastics.
  4. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Help may come from your law school professors, from your law school friends, or from us, your Florida Bar Essay tutor! Seriously, there is no shame in asking for assistance. In fact, I highly encourage you to be humble and ask for a second pair of eyes.
  5. Finally, study for up to 13 hours a day. Sleep for eight hours, enjoy your meals, and speak to friends or spouses or family. One does not need to be a hermit to work overtime and treat the Florida Bar Exam like her job.

There you have it friends, my 5-step how to pass the Florida Bar Exam process. This is not an exhaustive list of all of my advice, but it is a condensed and focused method for passing. Great success to you!

Jonathan Jacobs

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